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A dynamic plattform

It’s our long-term experience in market research, IT & Marketing, our close cooperation with software developers and our network of expertise, that makes the inITova platform one of the kind. Alongside our compatible solutions, we offer a wide range of services for small, medium and large organizations as a one-stop shop.





Customer Feedback & Employee Feedback

Omnichannel Setup

For multichannel or omnichannel customer service and customer feedback, we set up the required channels for you. E-mail, website, SMS, Whatsapp, phone, feedback terminal and other channels become a system with a central database, that allows you to achieve optimal contact management and real-time reporting at user level.

Questionnaire Design

Responsive questionnaires in your own corporate design, which can be used on any device. During this process we also offer consultancy and implement proven questionnaire concepts with KPI and root cause analysis. Sample stored in the data collection system’s backend is interacting with dynamic questions displayed in the frontend.

Setup Live-Dashboard

All available data (both enterprise, CRM, and feedback data) aggregated to a central storage can be viewed in real-time via custom live dashboards and used for filtering, analysis and benchmarking. All filter options, key figures and additional options such as ticket systems are set up according to your requirements.


ETL stands for extraction, transformation and loading, in order to merge data from different sources. A section of the data is extracted from all kinds of sources and transformed, through a stored procedure, into a setup that is available for loading into a central database. The data automation will facilitate your workflow and avoid manual errors during data processing.

Call Center IVR-Solutions

For call centers that perform inbound customer service, we implement customer feedback surveys via our IVR system (Interactive Voice Response). Scripts are programmed to control routing at various levels (such as service and language). Customer log files are automatically created in order to guarantee for a personal customer tracking.

Feedback Terminals

Setting up terminals for sale or for rent with footstand or wall systems with tablet + internet via SIM 3G or 4G, and when needed with CI stickers. The complete terminal systems are immediately ready for use and are installed with one or more questionnaires according to your specifications. Technical support, maintenance and exchange service included.





Marked Research

Questionnaire Scripting

Our programmers have in-depth knowledge of the Nebu system and create surveys to your demand. We also master languages that are important for online surveys, such as HTML, CSS and Javascript. Brand selections, integration of multimedia content, gamification elements, automatic e-mailing and more can be implemented for you.

Data Collection

The inITova platform allows you to collect, store and provide data through all channels that are in use or available within your organization. Get your datasets or reports (SPSS, Excel, ASCII, XLS, PowerPoint, PDF etc.) at any time with the highest security standards. System maintenance and technical support is guaranteed around the clock.

Data Management

For tasks such as data verification, data cleaning, coding and recoding, we ensure the highest quality standards. We are familiar with different file formats, such as SPSS, Triple-S, ASCII, XLS. With the flexible Nebu system, we can integrate data, samples and process data exports – precisely according to your specifications.


Through our many years of experience in close cooperation with market research institutes and field institutes, we are also very familiar with the coding of open answer verbatims in text form in different languages as well as codeframe generation. We only work with native speakers and project managers with international experience.

Language Adaptation

We transfer your research projects or feedback systems into any foreign language with all common character sets as well as exotic ones, such as Arab or traditional Chinese. These are all supported by the Nebu system. We work very thoroughly, relying on our software and web design skills as well as our experience in many international projects.

Analysis & Tabulation

Analysis and preparation of your data into visually appealing presentation formats – generating automated PowerPoints for fast reporting, setting up custom online dashboards for live insights, information portals and reporting tools. Full integration with MS Office products, export and import with Excel tables. Update entire books of tables live with new data at any time.







In cooperation with, we also offer explainer videos, tutorials and image films. We combine services in the realm of animation, 3D Art, film production and editing with video tracking tools, integration into questionnaires, feedbacks and social media to implement the most successful form of marketing as an all-in-one solution.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

We create concepts for keyword strategies and OnPage search engine optimization for both existing and complete new websites. Additionally we also offer OffPage optimization (blogs and press reports, backlink generation), as well as managing AdWords and AdSense campaigns. This will boost your internet presence, generate more traffic, leads and conversions.


From creating a concept to a fully designed website with continuous support according to your specifications and goals. We also integrate feedback options and other marketing tools to gain insight through your website. We also provide OnPage SEO and, if desired, even create blog posts on relevant topics.

Digital Content Strategies

We create concepts and develop digital themes based on a specific target group (compelling content, articles and videos). We offer our support for locating relevant topics and process these for your digital strategy. We also implement new or optimize existing customer feedback systems to complete your digital transformation.

Social Media Marketing (SMO)

We create target group-based content as well as feedback systems that we link to social media platforms. YouTube optimization with video marketing, consulting and implementation of content marketing strategies. Improving social media engagement on relevant portals (XING, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube etc.) as well as social media monitoring.

Customer Engagement Technologies (CET)

CET are digital innovations such as live Facial Motion Capture and Hologram technologies, which help to engage more with customers and prospects, promote interaction and enhance customer experience. In combination with our data collection system, we create solutions that provide you with detailed insight for each of your target groups.




Additional Services

Manage Services

We offer an all-round, carefree package for hosting. The entire system incl. hardware, operating systems and software is managed by us. Our cloud services for data collection can be used On-demand through various channels. That way you pay-per-use without committing to a long-term contract.

Mobile App-Development

We first discuss your current situation and goals to create a concept. Then, in cooperation with our selected partners, we implement a suitable app that meets your requirements. We are also happy to link the app to our managed Wi-Fi services or questionnaires so that you can generate more traffic and insight.

Wi-Fi Hotspots

This allows you to offer free Wi-Fi with login via, email, app or Social Media to customers or guests. You gain valuable insights, conduct targeted advertising and you can collect email addresses and use them for feedback. It’s a simple and effective online marketing tool for companies that either connect our solution to their existing routers or use a separate router. Our IT team can set this up for you.

As part of our service we have initiatives, events and information for you on a regular basis.

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