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  • Product: blueSIP
  • Headquarter: Munich, Germany
  • Category: Internet telephonie, Virtual Call Center
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SIP trunk technology

Install virtual call centers around the world with blueSIP’s SIP trunking and manage your communication in a much more flexibel and cost efficient way. SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is a standard for the distribution of data streams in IP networks. Voice over IP (VoIP) is the most common form of SIP. IP telephony is becoming the new standard and replaces ISDN as telecommunication network. The users can relay on any type of telecommunication device, be it the classical telephone or telephone system, an IP telephone, a Smartphone or a PC with a Softphone application. The modern voice communication via IP optimizes processes, saves cost and offers more flexibility in your company network.

Overview of some of the blueSIP features

  • SIP Trunk for 10+ channels for in- and outgoing calls
  • Connection between blueSIP users free of charge
  • Number assignment from local grids
  • Number porting from local grids
  • Caller number display or suppression (CLIP/CLIR)
  • Hold/knocking/toggle with Music On Hold
  • Call-back and Call through service
  • Online CDR-interface
  • Cost-effective telephone calls world wide
  • Migration support
  • Continuous quality monitoring

Advantages of SIP telephony

  • Independence of location
  • blueSIP offers the possibility to integrate national and international outposts, branch offices or home offices into the company telecommunication system
  • Short contract periods
  • Perfect for temporary communication needs, such as trade fairs, events, working sites or overseas installation
  • Scalable number of communication channels
  • Where ISDN is rigid in the number of communication channels, blueSIP allows flexible up-scaling of communication channels
  • Intelligent routing

blueSIP for virtual call centers

By integrating blueSIP’s SIP trunking technology into our data collection system we have made our platform even more efficient. The call center agent logs in to the Nebu server, which connects with the Sytel Dialer. The Sytel Dialer then gets the telephone numbers form the Nebu server and sends the number to the individual agent, who is connected with blueSIP via an external IP. This way, the data exchange via SIP trunking allows you to manage a great number of telephone numbers with just one account.
There is no need for telecommunication systems or additional services; implementing this solution ultimately results in greater telephone volume/capacity at lower cost.

Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting describes the act to store data at a remote datacenter (external space) or the use of programs that are not installed on the local workstation but instead are installed in the cloud. We can offer you all types of solutions, starting at managed virtual hosts via complex server farms with multi-level firewalls and load balancer up to complete private cloud systems. Contact us for more information.


We have different solutions in store to connect your company or branch office with the internet. DSL, dedicated line or dial-up connection – your needs define the right connection. We support you with all of these options. We help you to make the right choices, in the implementation phase and during the operation of security solutions like the installation of fall-back connections, a firewall safety net for your company network or with the secure communication among your company divisions or your partners and suppliers, for example with VPN.


inITova offers you, via our partner ccn GmbH, professionally managed hosting services with a high-availability datacenter. The datacenter is physically protected and ensures digital security with login and access controls as well as ensured continuous availability.

  • High security datacenter infrastructure
  • Multiple redundant and high performance internet connections
  • Secure continuous availability through multiple carriers
  • Direct connection to internet hubs
  • Peering with many big backbone providers
  • Redundant power supply with USV system
  • Diesel generator for network independent full-load operation
  • Separated fire compartments in individual Lampertz-cells
  • Surveillance and entrance controls around the clock
  • Fire detection system with nitrogen extinguishers
  • comprehensive grounding system and lightning protection
  • modern, redundant air conditioning