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Customer Feedback Monitor

Manage customer experience successfully

Customer feedback delivers the best insights to the customer experience and the performance of your business. Positive customer experiences help to create loyalty and increases your brand’s value. Customer recommendations are often the product of positive experiences and make the best compliment that you can wish for your business. At the same time it is important to react quickly and adequately to negative feedback to transform unsatisfied customers into promoters of your brand.

Advantages of CFM


  • Transparent pricing (module based)
  • Omnichannel management system
  • Scalable and reliable environment
  • Interactive real-time dashboards
  • Responsive software for desktop/notebook and mobile devices
  • Proven market research question- and analysis methods
  • Customization of dashboards and questionnaire


Customer Feedback Monitoring International

CFM has an international network of resellers that are specialized in customer experience management. The effective use of the CFM software demands consultation and support through experienced market research and customer service experts.

Through close and productive cooperation among the members of the CFM-network and regular workshops and meetings (open also for CFM customers) we ensure that high overall quality standards are guaranteed and at the same time that regional or industry specific requirements are met.



Customer feedback is the basis for a successful customer strategy

Customer feedback monitor is one solution to measure customer satisfaction and loyalty. Our efforts are energized by the pursuit of our goal to help businesses to increase their brand values by the maximization of the customers’ experience and the creation of loyal customers.

The customer feedback monitor can be used on tablets, smartphones, per e-mail and / or online.






How we implement a customer experience software together

In the first meeting we advice you without obligation about the best options for your business. We assist you with the choice of the best research method for your company and implement and test questionnaires and dashboards with you. Step by step, we transform the feedback of your customers into actionable insights and findings for your business.

Step 1: Brainstorming

Together we talk about the possibilities to facilitate customer feedback. Therefore we talk about your customer and the customer process, as well as about the possibilities that your data provide. Customer Feedback Monitor is no SaaS (Software as a Service) solution. Here we work with you together – we bring the know-how about market research and feedbacks and you bring the knowledge about your business to the mix. We ensure that the surveys and processes suit your requirements. A solution will be implemented only once we agreed upon it. Never before.




Step 2: Programming and testing

At fist, our IT experts add your wishes to the system. Thereafter, we build your customized customer experience solution. Followed by the user tests. The users have the first access to the system and only once the users are 100% satisfied we can go over to the next step.

Step 3: Take the customer feedback as it comes

Now we are ready to go to get “the opinion of the customer”. Do not worry about it, instead be open for constructive feedback. Customers get their voice heard, one way or another. Do not leave it all up to them. Be it e-mail, your webpage or any other way, ensure to be the conductor and show the way to go. We support you by making the right decisions to make your business customer focussed.



Step 4: Integrate your new insights in your business

Now the crucial point: there is no point in asking questions if you cannot handle the responses. We assist you to use the system to implement the newly gained information  into your business. Every employee is informed and everyone can concentrate on the most important person for your business: your customer.

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