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  • Product:Data Dynamic Reporter, Dynamic Research Manager
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  • Category: Analysis, tabulation, reporting, Dashboards, Charts
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INTELLEX – Dynamic Reporting

State-of-the-Art software for analysis, tabulation, reporting, online Dashboard, charts and information distribution


The philosophy of Intellex is to develop innovative and powerful software tools that transform market data into actionable insights. The combination of usability, functionality and power of the software tools as well as the integration of common MS Office products makes Intellex the new yard stick in analysis and reporting. Create your own template in excel and use it with Intellex to create personalized PowerPoint reports automatically.

The product palette contains online- and desktop solutions for the processing, analysis, reporting (tables / charts / online Dashboard). In addition it contains an information portal for the targeted distribution of information.



Intellex product introduction DataDynamic Reporter


data-dynamic-reporterDataDynamic Reporter – DDR

Data analysis software for analysis and reporting of Market research data – integrated in Microsoft

A solution for a data processing that works without repetition and without manual work: This tool as data processing solution connects a intuitive access to data processing and tabulation with a powerful Scripting Engine (VB / Java) and make it a perfect data analysis software. The complete integration of MS-Office programs as reporting option make it a great data processing solution. The PowerPoint integration allows an enormous time saving when creating PowerPoint reports, for example.

  • Data import / -export
  • Data analysis and management
  • Coding and recoding
  • Scripting
  • Tabulation
  • MS Office integrated reporting

dynamic-powerpoint-generatorDynamic PowerPoint Generator – PPG

Desktop software for automatic PowerPoint based reporting of research data

Automate the transfer of your tabulation data into fully editable PowerPoint or Excel Diagrams or reports! Ideal for ad-hoc, multi version or repeat-wave studies!
Just create your diagram template and link it to your tables! Save many hours of manual setup, reach highest accuracy and increase productivity substantially!

  • Excel based chart templates
  • Automatic generation of PowerPoint reports
  • Import of edited PowerPoint reports
  • Enrich reports with fresh data
  • And more enhancement options

dynamic-research-dashboardDynamic Research Dashboards – DRD

Reporting package with a tailor made research dashboard for the preparation of continuous data flows for a wide audience. This reporting package allows you to increase the effectiveness of tracking studies, as each user group can be supported with the right data at the right time.

  • Create your own user interface or use a standard design template
  • Customized management layer: dials, scales, etc.
  • Analysis layer (cross tables, statistical tests)
  • Personalized online report
  • Option to upload and display external documents
  • complete library system for documents

dynamic-research-managerDynamic Research Manager – DRM

Software for online creation, -analysis and -distribution of market research reports

Multifunctional online-research-portal for market research reports and for publishing market research projects. Enabling the creation of cross tables, analysis, “live” reports from workbooks or graphical reports, uploads of background documentation and exporting Excel or PowerPoint.

  • Project management
  • Graphical online reporting tools
  • Possibility to link data collection systems for live reporting
  • Online analysis, cross tables and diagrams
  • Export of tables to Excel
  • User administration

How can I import data formats like SPSS SAV, Triple S, Excel or ASCI?

First of all, the DataDynamic Report (DDR) does not import data, it converts it. Independent of the original file type the DDR converts the file during the import into the proprietary data format. The new DDF-data file is saved at the same place as the original data.

Open and convert of a so called “structured” datafiles, like SPSS and/or Triple S is quite simple. You just click on [open existing data] in the start menu. Choose the file with the assistance of the file browser and click on [open].

So called “non-structured” files like Excel and ASCI files need to be opened via the import function of the DDR-Editor. This means that the “non-structured” types of formats can only be imported by users with a professional version of DDR

Choose the option [create new DDF-file] in the now open menu. In the new frame look for the folder in which you want to save the new DDF-file and give the file a name. Once this is done, the editor display of the DDR opens and shows an empty file. Click on [Import] and choose the Excel or ASCI file that you want to import. The [Import] function converts the original file into the DDF-format. The DDR software can now be used to entre the meta-data or data structure that is needed for the data analysis.

I am not able to export my table or diagrams to MS Office. What is the reason for that?

The most common reason is, that you work with a Reader-Version of the DataDynamic Reporter. With this free reader-version it is only possible to read the datafiles. The reader-version is meant for users that wish for an easy, quick and user-friendly entry level access to the statistics program of their analysis software. This allows to stay independent of others while just looking for data.

Both versions, DataDynamic Standard and DataDynamic Professional have reporting options with Microsoft-Integration allowing you to export tables or diagram to Excel or PowerPoint. If you are interested in this functionality please contact us via

How can I export my tables as editable diagram to PowerPoint?

DataDynamic makes it possible to create Diagram templates in Excel. Use the full flexibility of Excel and create as many templates as you like. Save your Excel templates in the folder [Excel-templates] (the folder was created during the installation of DataDynamic) and make your customized diagrams a part of DDR. Now, you link your diagrams with your tables. If you export multiple tables to PowerPoint, then DDR saves the data in a data sheet and creates a diagram according to your selected template.

Which functions are added when I use the PowerPoint generator rather than the standardized data export to PowerPoint?

PowerPoint Generator generates and saves a link between the individual table of your reporting file and the exported PowerPoint diagram. This allows the import of a complete PowerPoint presentation into the PowerPoint Generator as template. The report template can then be used with new data.

In addition, PowerPoint Generator allows to add so called “Script-Tags” to your template. These script-tags take particular information from the table (e.g. title, total-N, labels, specific cell content) and places the content into the specific text fields in the PowerPoint report.

How can I activate the script function in DataDynamic Reporter?

The Scripting option is only available for users of the DDR professional version. Intellex does not use an own scripting language, unlike many other tools on the market. Intellex makes use of already existing and powerful scripting languages such as, VB and Java.

The DDR SCRIPTOR function makes it possible to create own scripts, to import and edit scripts or to edit scripts that were created in DDR.

It is no problem to use the user-friendly interfaces of DDR DESIGNER and/or DDR EDITOR rather than the DDR scriptor, if you prefer to do so. You do not lose any advantages from the DDR SCRIPTOR. Once you complete your editing your configurations are saved as scripts.