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NEBU – Data collection software CATI/CAPI/CAWI

Power and flexibility of the Nebu Platform – Online and Offline

The Nebu software is one of the leading products of the industry, which is the reason for us to be reseller and user. The software is used by many market research institutes and other companies to collect market, customer, consumer, product and survey data and is regarded as the best data collection and panel management software on the market.

Administration and data collection of all types of survey methods are done on central servers and with a central database. Through a maximum of stream – lined processes it is possible to make use of various data collection methods while, thanks to Nebu, maintaining high efficiency in the data collection and management.


Nebu Dub InterViewer 7 Promotional

Dub Interviewer – Data collection software

Nebu DubInterviewer is a robust and at the same time flexible data collection software tool. It contains off- and online survey templates for conducting interviews. The CATI/CAPI/CAWI – software allows you to create survey questionnaires and to organise internet and telephone based surveys. This helps to conduct important and valuable market research to gain insights into your market and your industry. The Multi-Mode option allows to switch between survey methods at any time. This way you can split the questionnaires between telephone and online survey or even change the method all together during the field work phase.

The software has an added value through a high compatibility to other products that are used in the industry, for example Sytel’s Predictive Dialer. We have been using Nebu for many years and like to help you to find the right solution for your task at hand.



 Nebu Dub InterViewer 7

A professional Multi-Mode data collection System

nebu-540_v2Despite the multi-mode architecture, Nebu is able to master the highest professional standards in single mode, as well.
If you create a survey, be it a online based questionnaire for specific customers or the general use of a CATI software Nebu is always the right choice. All system components are web-/ internet based. This reduces the workstation’s system requirements dramatically. The workstation only needs a internet connection and a browser, that is it.

All participants of the project (project manager, questionnaire development, data management, CATI-Interviewers and supervisors) have access to the function components everywhere (in the office, on the way or at home) at anytime.

Optimal for international studies

nebu earth1Once a questionnaire is configured it can easily and quickly be regionalized by adjusting its language, here all languages including international/ exotic character sets are possible. Excel translation templates can be created in a few simple clicks. Once the excel file is translated it can be re-imported. Error alarms and notes are supported in many languages.

The web-architecture allows to centrally manage CATI or Online surveys from many locations and across countries. Even a global virtual CATI call centre is possible.

Advantages of Nebu data collection software


  • Flexible accounting system
  • Multi-mode system (CATI, CAPI, CAWI)
  • Create online survey easily within minutes
  • Use various preinstalled survey templates
  • Include multiple languages with different character sets in your data collection solution
  • Scalable and reliable environment



CATI-Interviewers can operate from everywhere, all they need is a browser. Telephone workstations can be increased easily without limitations. You keep the full control over your external interviewers and the collected data, no matter where they are located. Thus, the cooperation with external field institutes comes with no extra work anymore.

Recoding of data or double recoding at the end of field work is not necessary anymore. This is due to the Dub InterViewer-account on which your employers work, which collects the data centrally and in the format that you requested. This way you keep track over all changes and the status of the whole project.


CAPI/ Mobile

Nebu CAPIThe CAPI solution from Nebu is a complete management system, which allows the management of Windows tablets or notebooks from a central server. New or updated questionnaires, sample data, as well as multi-media data can be distributed among specific or all devices.

An app is available for Android or iOS tablets and can be downloaded in the equivalent app stores (iTunes or Google Play Store). The CAPI devices work offline,allowing you to conduct interviews at places without internet connectivity. Once the device is reconnected to the internet the collected data is uploaded to the DubRemote server and the project progress statistic is updated on the server.


screenshots-software-nebu_cawiAll templates are configured in a way that all users can choose and configure the questionnaire easily and quickly. If you choose the numerical question type for example, then the user interface provides all relevant options: the minimum and maximum allowed value, optional display possibilities, the total sum of all numerical inputs, a evaluation whether the total inputs sum up to a preconfigured value, for example 100%.

Automatic control functions prevent unnecessary false entries, resulting in higher quality levels of the collected data. Online questionnaires are always based on HTML templates. Assisted by Responsive Design the questionnaire shapes itself automatically to the right size so that it fits on every display. Either, use a predefined template or let an inITova professional Web Designer create an individual template in your corporate identity.

Explain videos about Nebu’s Gamification

Project management

Monitor and manage all your projects from everywhere with ManageFrames Supervisor Tool from Nebu. ManageFrames is a browser based project management system, that allows you to:

  • follow the progress of your projects and manage quota
  • gather mid term results of all questions with Top-Line Statistics
  • to check the number of e-mails that have been sent and send further invitations
  • manage the call control of a CATI-project (redialling, resubmission times, change of the waiting time between calls, etc.)
  • request many statistical data about the caller results in real-time.
  • recode open answer questions even during a running project
  • control your CATI-Interviewers with the option to send a personal message to individual interviewers
  • generate statistics about the productivity and filter it according to projects and interviewer, including cross comparisons between different interviewers