• Developer: run-e
  • Product: MR Orga Suite
  • Headquarter: Dortmund, Germany
  • Category: Management, manpower planning, time recording, analysis, capacity planning
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Management software for market researchers

Founded in 2001, run-e is now market leader in management software for the market research industry. There are many of big market research companies from Germany as well as international institutes within run-e’s customer base. The software systems are developed in close cooperation with market research companies.

The wide range of software solutions are designed with the needs of market researchers in mind. Run-e supports you in optimizing administration- and management processes, increasing efficiency of work processes and project management and securing a high level of quality standards.

The software solution developed by run-e can be used on all operating systems and are network based. This allows an easy and simple integration in every pre-existing system.

mr_orga_smallThe extensive all-in-one solution MR Orga Suite can perfectly be integrated in various CATI environments and offers all necessary management instruments for…

  • Studio management, for example: manpower and capacities planning
  • Registration and display of interviewer-related information, for example time recording and invoicing of the interviewers
  • Evaluation and analysis for management, for example cost- and effectiveness analysis with one click
  • Display of the project development based on field protocols of your customers, which can be retrieved online by your customers


As a result, you optimize the administrative and operative processes, which creates extra time and saves cost. Both can be invested in training and coaching of your interviewers – increasing the quality of your CATI studio drastically. All that in one solution: MR Orga suite. This solution facilitates you with full control of your project progress, your employees (cost and usage), you just really know what is going on.

Always one step ahead – MR Orga Suite features

  • Project management
  • Employee management
  • Individual employee manpower planning
  • Automatic time recording of the interviewer
  • Capacity planning for a better degree of capacity utilization
  • Invoicing including transaction report
  • Evaluation and reporting: Status monitoring of the active employees, cost and effectiveness analysis, time reporting
  • Seamless integration to many CATI environments

Call center management

Keep track of your project cost by using MR Orga Suite and the functions of work time recording in combination with the study-cost analysis tool. This just-in-time cost control enables you to influence running projects. Look at different information about individual interviewers or projects in real-time. Exact information about interview duration and call times give insights to the level of efficiency of the project and / or of the individual interviewer.


The software can be integrated with Nebu or other survey systems. By use of the run-e login platform instead of the interface of the data collection software it is possible to monitor the working time of the interviewer automatically. Further detailed information about the work of the agent is collected as well, for example the work time on particular projects or the level of productivity. This is all important information, beneficial for your crew planning and time and budget management. Decide on your own, whether you want to pay your interviewer per hour or on a 50-50 basis – 50% according to work hours and 50% per interview.

Operational planning

Put your projects online and allow your interviewers to register themselves for the projects they like. You keep all the control and decide who is able to work on which project. Since your agents book their seats themselves you save time, reduce cost and at the same time offer your call center manager a professional solution for recruiting agents effectively.