• Developer: SmartMunk
  • Product: FeedMap,
  • Headquarter: Aachen, Germany
  • Category: Text analysis, co-creation, image review/design check
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Innovative software for text analysis and co-creation

The innovative tools of SmartMunk show what truly goes on in the minds of your customers. Their value has been proven in the practice already. The developers call the added value “voice of the customer”.
SmartMunk users have significant competition advantages: Only the one, who listens and understands their customers can make them happy and improve the business.

SmartMunk offers online software for optimizing customer relationships. The innovative company specialized in the development of intelligent SaaS (software as a service) solutions for co-creation and text analysis.

SmartMunk software supports companies’ marketing, sales and product development divisions. Large quantities of text (e.g. reviews of various online portals or open answers from various data sources) are summarized semantically and transformed into visual analysis to enable you to understand the “story” at the first glance.


Picture rating & analysis

FeedMap is a simple but effective solution to integrate customers (online) in the optimization process of concepts. Image ratings are formed into diagrams and heatmaps to get a clear overview.


FeedMap users obtain a detailed feedback about a variety of visual references like new product concepts, packaging, adverts, websites or brochures.

FeedMap is usable in many ways, even a do it yourself solution is possible. The smart tool is interesting for many divisions in a company, including market research, marketing, commercial and communication institutes as well as sales and product development in innovative companies.


FeedMap is used in over 800 projects of many well known companies, such as Ritter Sport, Lindt, Unilever and Merz.

Text analysis/sentiment analysis is the latest generation of text analysis and information visualization tools. Consumer generated text (the qualitative insight) are quantified and semantically categorised with this hybrid method.
Visualizations like the word cloud and the use of signal colours assist the intuitive understanding and helps to generate a better overview.


Data form various sources can be used: for example, customer service feedbacks, online forums or classical satisfaction interviews (which are produced online or telephone based).

A new feature is the integration of product reviews from online shops and review portals. can look back onto many years of experience with companies like: Dialego, Gruner + Jahr, A1 Telekom, infas Institute and IP Germany. reduces the complexity of large volumes of data through the automatic extraction of meanings from text – in nearly all languages.

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