Customer Experience Management

Customer Feedback Monitor

Increase customer loyality and optimize your processes along the Customer Journey

Customer Experience Management

Understand your customers’ emotions and start bonding with them

 CX management means to collect knowledge about your customers, their opinion, to understand their motives and to engage and connect with them. Based on these insights you can harness their emotions and manage the impact within your company. With inITova’s CEM Software & Service we help you create the ultimate customer experience.


Customer Experience Software (CEM Software)

Surveys and reporting

Understand what to keep, improve, monitor or correct immediately at a glance

20 years of experience in Market Research Software/IT went into the development of Customer Feedback Monitor (CFM). This solution is continuously being optimized for the needs of the industry. The live dashboard is easy to use and provides quick analyses. The short questionnaire, which is distributable throughout all channels helps improving the response rate. All this is backed up through a professional data collection and data reporting system, which runs in the background and provides many flexible and powerful options for data and sample management as well as questionnaire design or filtering.


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