Employee Exit

Gain unprecedented insight through exit interviews

Get employee feedback before they are gone!

Leaving employees can give valuable feedback for management and other employees. It is useful to conduct the exit interview while the employee is still employed. Both, employees that resign and those that are terminated should be questioned.

shutterstock_73634050Former employees distribute information and thereby benefit or harm your company. An employee that in the future will be uninvolved and not liable to the company can be expected to have a neutral point of view. Such an employee can give an independent perspective on the work processes and ethics of the company.

It is important, however, that the exit interview is conducted by a person that stands in a neutral relation to the employee, hence, not by the direct supervisor. Questioning online, e.g. via e-mail is also a suitable alternative.

Your advantages with a feedback system

  • Collect and assign important data according to the exit reasons and exit interview questions
  • Live reporting helps to identify reasons for unexpected fluctuations quickly
  • Basis for strategic management of exit factors and unintentional fluctuations
  • Less fluctuation saves money for human resources
  • Solving problems encourages engagement from other employees


You avoid reputation damage and maintain a positive employer image


Weaknesses in personal management are highlighted and can be approached and optimized


Ostensive PowerPoint or PDF reports for management and stakeholders

We support you in the implementation of exit interviews

Whether you prefer direct conversation with a questionnaire via a tablet, laptop, smartphone, telephone interviews or online questionnaires – we are happy to advice you. We let you test the questionnaire and help find the best version. The survey method can be changed even after the questionnaire is finalized for example from an online version to a telephone or mobile version.

A suitable method and the careful selection of questions and assessment criteria allow to acquire valuable insights about the working environment, work ethic, salary and extra benefits, internal processes and communication as well as the core competences of important managers.