Employee Satisfaction

Turn your enterprise into a compact unit

Increase employee loyalty with feedback & analysis

Various measures help increase and keep employee loyalty on a high level. When and which measure is best is not only revealed through employee surveys but also by implementing targeted interviews with employees in different positions. Focus here on binding leading/managing personal and use the available data to gain instructive insights.

Our KPI – root cause analysis in combination with the corporate data suits this purpose perfectly. A compact overview shows you which factors influence work processes and employee satisfaction in different divisions. It shows on the one hand what aspects increase employee loyalty effectively and on the other hand how these higher satisfaction levels influences the company’s performance in different departments and as a whole.


Listen to your employees

Employee satisfaction means more than a mere value on a scale. Employees desire recognition and want to identify themselves with the company. Employees can contribute good and productive input and ideas once the management listens to them. Communication and interaction always works in two ways. Employees that stay unheard become unsatisfied and frustrated. When it comes to employee feedback we purposely include recommendations and ask them about their suggestions for improvement.

Employees often think further and overstep the boundaries of standardized answer possibilities. Therefore ask them open answer questions and give them the possibility to get involved in a critical and productive manner. The whole workforce is more motivated once they are involved and one good idea of a single employee can be a great advantage and bring the whole company forward. This way everyone benefits.



Address all employees individually with a single questionnaire

  • Integrate and motivate employees with gamification questionnaires
  • Ask individual questions based on filtering, using IDs and other parameters
  • Initialization of actions directed at specific employees
  • Increase engagement and decrease employee fluctuation
  • Enhance a positive working environment
  • Anonymous questioning with referability based on individual parameters in a link
  • Improvement of employer image
  • Recruit competent employees easier through recommendations