Face2Face Interviews (CAPI)

Conduct Surveys wherever you like

CAPI / Mobile for Face2Face surveys

Your questionnaire runs offline via an app for iOS or Android tablet

Our CAPI solutions are complete management systems, which allow centralized management of all devices from one server. The CAPI app offers the functionality and diversity of a survey software for a professional field work with all features that are also expected from CATI-Scripts. Interviewer productivity reports are captured centrally in addition to the survey results. The easy to handle, quickly available solution works on Android and iOS devices.


CAPI app features:

● GPS localisation
● Audio and image recording
● Multi-media content
● Multi-lingual
● Reporting
● On- & Offline
● Automatic quota management
● Interviewer Log (track attitude)




The CAPI app – extensive, flexible, free

iOS & Android

The app works offline with all features available, allowing to conduct the surveys at places without internet connectivity. As soon as an internet connection is available the collected data is uploaded to the server and the project progress statistic is updated and displayed in the supervisor interface. New or updated questionnaires, sample data and multi-media data can be assigned to specific or all devices.

The app synchronises automatically by registration but can be synchronised manually at any time. You use one script for all modes. Beyond that you can collect GPS coordinates, audio- and video recordings and integrate multi-media content in the questionnaire.

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Monitoring of ongoing projects

  • Manage all devices from one central server
  • The live reporting portal allows precise tracking and quality control of your projects
  • Configure parameters individually and make use of detailed quota management features
  • Extensive sample management options
  • Productivity overview per day/interviewer/campaign
  • Collection of GPS coordinates
  • Tailored data exports in Excel, SPSS, Triple S, ASCII

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