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Google Review and other review platforms

Positive online reviews on multiple pages with just one questionnaire

Improved SEO

Particularly for local search reviews count as a strong ranking criteria. Bring your website to the top of the search results of your target group.

More recommendations

Positive review enhance
trust and have a positive influence on buying behaviours and lead generation.

More conversions

You gain more visitors on your website and increase the number of potential
new customers. Use visitor data for conversion tracking.








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 screenshots-google-rezension-fragebogen3Advantages at a glance

  • Get reviews for multiple review portals with one survey
  • Refer individual target groups to different portals
  • More website visits and a higher conversion rate
  • More positive customer reviews increase the trust for your company
  • Higher Google Ranking means visibility in the web
  • Less expenses for Online Marketing


Review optimization starting at 149€/Month

Step 1

You decide how many reviews you expect per year and which reporting module you would like to use.

Step 2

You give us the authority to manage your Google Reviews account. Therefore a confidentiality agreement will be signed.

Step 3

Now we send SmartFeedback questionnaires out and generate positive Reviews. A reputation manager takes care of the difficult cases.

Deleting Google Reviews

Content that violates the terms of conditions can be deleted. In direct cooperation with Google we can take over this work for you.

Buy reviews

Our database includes product testers with various consumer habits and consumer behaviour. We use our product testers to test your new or existing products and services to evaluate their marketability and competitiveness.


“The innovative Software-Solutions and IT-Services from inITova provide optimal support for companies through all work steps for meeting the increasing requirements of the industry.”

Reputation Management

Sometime a negative review cannot be deleted, however, those should not be ignored.Replies to negative reviews have to take Google guidelines into account and there are helpful strategies to handle frustrated customers in a friendly and factual way. The answers should be clear and understandable. The answers should be clear and understandable. Further, they should really help the customer and reflect that his/her feedback is taken seriously.

Politeness and the right tone can often make the difference and can turn a conflict with a customer into an advantage for you. Your personal online reputation manager from inITova will gladly assume this responsibility for you.

Honest positive reviews on various portals

Our surveys allow us to publish your customers’ reviews on major review portals like Google Review and eKomi.
We select reviews from your satisfied and enthusiastic customers with our SmartFeedback questionnaires and publish those on all available review portals. Contact us for more information.