Choose the safe way – professional system administration and support around the clock


Flexible hosting arrangements for KMU


We understand that you sometimes rather leave it to the professionals, in particular during work load peaks, this is why we offer our hosting service. We host the system of many of our clients and take care of the system administration, which means that you can focus on your core business. Your data is protected through data back ups thereby it is ensured that under any circumstance your data is and stays available for your business as anytime.

inITova offers hosting solution with sub-accounts for contact centre and data collection. Our solutions allow small and mid size businesses to use high-end software tools for a reasonable price. Our customers benefit from great performance, data security, server availability and an experienced contact person for advise and support.


Your advantages at a glance

  • High server capacities and performance
  • Guaranteed availability of 99.8 %
  • Software and hardware of the latest industrial standard
  • Server monitoring 24/7
  • Scalability – expand solutions flexibly and quickly
  • Latest technologies for storage and networks at all time
  • Powerful reaction times through dedicated server
  • Complete mirroring and back up of your data


We perform all software upgrades for you during our office hours, and install necessary server patches, Microsoft updates and other software tools that are installed to make sure that your system is safe and runs on the latest technology. All this means that you can operate your system with a minimum of technological understanding. In short, we take care of the rough edges so that you can focus on your business.


The database makes use of the Microsoft SQL Server, which allows us to provide you with a robust data environment that is in-line with the latest industrial standard. Independent test have shown that our database design is capable of handling even the greatest amount of Panel – e.g. interview-data without any problems. For you the customer this means that you can be sure that your system can manage all challenges and meet your expectations. In addition, the database as well as the database servers are secured completely against access by third parties.


We create a personal server area for each individual client. This allows a precise monitoring of the utilization and the limitation of access rights, if necessary. In case you wish for, we also offer SSL connections to facilitate security of sensitive data with encryption based on the latest industrial standard. Security is the main priority of our selected data centers. Physical access is limited through security personal, camera surveillance and physical barriers. Network security is ensured through the latest anti-virus and firewall software, the IP frame can be limited if needed and complete monitoring is available, as well. Back-ups are stored in a remote data center and an independent network is used to transfer the data between the data centers: your data is secured and recoverable at any time.


The monitoring is operated through separate servers in the internal network. These servers have an extra network interface card which is connected to an additional internal network ring. Furthermore, another Server observes the status of the website outside of the existing networks. This differentiated monitoring system ensures that the maintenance staff is informed immediately and is able to take the necessary actions in the unlikely case of a hardware failure. The maintenance staff is available 24/7 every day of the year. Thereby it is guaranteed that your survey is accessible for your interviewees at any time.


We use separated servers for specific functions: one server to store your project data like images and videos, another one to manage your sample data and CATI-interviewers to ensure reliable connectivity and quick response times. An additional server stores your panel- and interview database, invitation and reminder mails are managed through a special mail server. The differentiated infrastructure allows to concentrate the resources to the individual task at hand and ensures optimal reaction times in all areas of the system. Consequently your interviewees have a secure, quick and reliable system at their disposal.

Fallback system

The hosting system of inITova ensures that availability is guaranteed. You have optimal reaction times and the experience for you and your participants of your survey is as good as possible at all times. The servers are configured in such a way that all incoming requests are handled in the most efficient way. Fall-back systems and hardware components are mirrored to reduce eventual errors to a minimum: in case of a failing server an alternative system takes over to eliminate any disturbance during your survey.


At inITova we know how important it is that interviewees receive the invitation mails to finalize your survey. Therefore, we actively look after a clean white-list status with all internet providers. We keep track of the domains of our customers and the e-mail addresses of your individual user profiles from which the invitation mails are send out. Our documentation and the white-list status ensures that your invitation mails reach your interviewees without being blocked by a spam-filter.