Onboarding Feedback

You never get a second chance for the first impression

Employer Onboarding

Onboarding includes all processes for the integration of new employees. Our software eases the process of recruiting and the transition from a new candidate to a productive employee. Feedback questionnaires allow you to fully present your company brand and culture already during the transition period. In addition you minimize bureaucracy and manage your task more efficiently with this digital solution. As a result you gain a higher productivity of your human resources division and higher dedication of your employees.

Why Onboarding?

Cost and shortage of professionals make good Onboarding strategies important. Investment in introduction events, trainings and workshops ensure a good integration of new employees to maintain an effective workflow. Miscommunication and ill informed employees can cause very unpleasant errors. Onboarding helps to avoid such problems.


Feedback as part of employee Onboarding

Central part of Onboarding is the collection and analysis of employee feedback. The feedbacks are conducted in multiple waves during the first 6 months of employment.

They can give an independent assessment and even provide comparative figures with previous employers.

We support you with individual questionnaires for personal interviews on mobile devices or online feedback in corporate design.

In addition to better insights about your new employees this method helps to gain different perspectives on your company and thereby assists you in the continuous task of process optimization.

Visual reports for management or stakeholders are generated from the collected data.

More advantages

  • New employees unfold their full potential quicker
  • Enhance corporate ethic and company culture
  • Create an emotional bond to the company at an early stage
  • Coordinate mutual expectations
  • Show employees that they are valued individually
  • Limit risks and follow-up problems
  • Reduce employee fluctuation

Onboarding during the first week

Employee Onboarding – passing on fundamental information about your business:

  • Products and services that are offered
  • Size and operational structure of your business
  • General overview about the business branch and the company’s positioning (Who is the main competitor?)
  • Visions, guiding principles and primary values of your business
  • Company goals and strategic targets
  • Your company culture
  • Hand over phone numbers and names from colleagues to the newcomer for questions or emergencies

The feedback process during Onboarding

Employee feedback is done in multiple waves. In the first month, it is particularly important to accompany newcomers and to monitor the integration process to be able to react accordingly in a second feedback round. It is in your interest to have an efficient transition and to gain valuable insight on top of that.

Ask what was in particular positive/negative during the first weeks in office. How well do you understand the business concept and your task? Are there questions that have not been answered? Which developments or improvements do you wish for the company?

In a personal interview you collect the answers for example with a notebook or tablet. We offer you full flexibility – make a feedback video, if you like. All data is centralized and analysed in a clearly structured project with multiple waves. That way you gain valuable information for future Onboarding procedures.