Online Community and Social Media

Find new ways to get in tough with your target group

Interact through Social Media

Integrate online surveys in your Facebook page by using a smart Plug-in

nebu-fbLoyal customers or fans of your brand like to use Facebook to interact and participate creatively with you. This is a chance to find out more about your target group. A possibility a modern company cannot leave aside.

Our tools and solutions for Social Media, Online Communities and Panel Management assist you by increasing interaction and to form valuable and structured information out of it. Gain deeper insights, which help you in the decision process on the manager level – in areas like market strategy, product development, service optimization and customer relation management.

Muti-media and gamification element promote your image and have a positive influence on the participation rate. Ask additional question to gain even more insights.


Reporting and Social Media

The Reporting-Portal allows to monitor more than just certain keywords. Understand your audience better by using group- and topic monitoring with which you can very easily understand the content, context, emotions and the impact of individual posts.

You lead the conversation and intervene quickly if it is necessary. Monitor every keyword, phrases, Hashtags, URLs or a combination of these and find relevant posts on Twitter, Google+, Instagram and Facebook as anonymous, aggregated data according to topics.


Online Community

Invite your fans to a panel community portal in which you can ask further questions and distribute points. Here you have the genuine opportunity to get to know your customers better. Through the intensified interaction you show your customers that their opinion and input is valued and appreciated.

In particular, very satisfied customers (super promoters) are willing to express more and give you insight in what they like the most about your company, service or product and what their friends would find interesting. A scoring system allows giving rewards based on input from your customers and keeps them motivated to contribute more and helps to tie them to the company.Vista_Bearbeitet


On your request we generate a website in your corporate identity

  • Offer an online platform for the exchange of opinions and ideas and gain insight about people’s views
  • Choose a well profiled target group that is willing to assist you
  • You gain full access to the website, so that you can customize it according to your specific needs
  • Start conversations with your panel members via the online community forums
  • It is easy to connect and to login. You can even use it with Facebook login data.
  • Engage your panelists by adding quick surveys and news feeds