Panel Interviews

Test scalable panel systems that are easy to use

Panel management software

We work with a scalable system, which works for small online communities as well as for very large and complex panels. Our data collection and reporting software are 100% combinable with the panel management software. This allows us to integrate sampling functions, e-mail management, reporting and additional features into one suitable solution for you.

Panel management with online communities

Our community solution is the ultimate way to enrich your surveys with the advantages of the market-leading sampling. Beyond that, we help you to generate a website in your corporate identity with various languages or individual pages with a single language and individual content. You can have full access to the website editing to individualize the website according to your exact needs.

The Advantages:

  • Internet based panel management system
  • Based on robust and scalable industrial technologies
  • No limits with respect to size, complexity or number of panels
  • Up to 25 million questioned, tested and scalable panels
  • Extensive APIs for the connection to your office and CRM system
  • Combinable with Nebu’s survey software (DubInterViewer) or other survey systems
  • Integrate your panel list with quick surveys and news-feeds
  • Enable the configuration of Subpanels for your customers

The online community solution


Q. How can I communicate better with my panel?

Idea exchange platforms help you understand the views of people better. Use websites and social networks.

Q. How do I reach the right people?

Use smart analysis and choose a good profiled target group that is willing to assist you.

Q. The website should suit your company website?

You can gain access to customize the website according to your wishes and requirements.

Q. You want to collect direct feedback about your product or service ?

Start discussions with panel members in online community forums.

Q. How can I make the access to the panel easy?

Registration and login is quick and easy. Even a login with Facebook is possible.

Q. How can I motivate my participants?

Distribute quick polls or integrate a news-feed.

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You are interested in online communities?

Register and be up-to-date and to get tips and tricks continuously about how to create an online community.

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Use subpanels with different styles, independent standard languages and individual associated contacts