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Big Data becomes Smart Data

The increasing number of data sources and technological possibilities of data collection create a vast amount of valuable but unstructured data, which became known as “Big Data” and is highly valued nowadays. The challenge is to form the mass of company data, market research data, feedback results or data from social media and other origins into a source of useful information.


Our solutions like Smart Analysis make use of market research and Big Data and form it into a beneficial source of information. The analysis and reporting solutions are “smart” because of their ability to channel the mass of unstructured data into a source of relevant and well structured information that is easy to understand and overview.

You decide what you want to know – Smart Analysis delivers just the information you need and opens your eyes for more.

Please contact us for a free consultation to evaluate what we can do for you. We find out what kind of data is available to you and what possible forecast can be drawn form the individual databases. Call us directly or request a free consultation via our contact form.

Some example what Predictive Analytics has to offer:

  • Prediction of (potential) sales
  • Prediction of the number of people that move away or into a region
  • Prediction about the interest in E-Bikes
  • Prediction of look-a-like target groups and people in a defined area
  • and many more forecasts…

Advantages of Smart Data & Predictive Analytics

Smart Data delivers you actionable insights from already existing data. First of all, with Smart Data you can react accordingly to visualized weaknesses, because Smart Data shows you which screws to turn and what to leave as it is. Moreover, you can make use of positive feedbacks and implement them in advertisement or activities for loyal customers. Now you know exactly what to deliver to make your target group happy. It becomes really interesting, however, when you understand what Predictive Analysis can do for you. You will be surprised about what can be predicted about current customers, potential new customers and future business opportunities.

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