Telephone Interviews (CATI)

Increase your flexibility and lower your telephone cost

CATI-Projects on the inITova platform

Computer Assisted Telephone Interview (CATI) refers to the assistance of telephone interviews with the computer. Our platform provides state-of-the-art automatic dialling technologies, IP-telephone service, CATI survey & monitoring software as well as Call Center and project management tools. Based on our vast experience in international CATI projects with this software we are able to provide tailor made solutions out of software and service for your specific needs.


BestOf Cloud Computing 2015
In the category Cloud Computing inITova GmbH became a “Best of 2015” company and was interviewed by Initiative Mittelstand about IT innovations. CEO Navid Tabrizi gives interesting insights into market research IT and his award-winning Call Center solution. Read more!

Your advantages with CATI projects

● Virtual call center
● Predictive dialer
● Phone call recording
● Automatic address management
● Automatic quota management
● Live reporting


call center

„We have built a long term, strong business relationship with inITova. Together we have been serving our clients in the Market Research Industry already for several years. Still each day Nebu and inITova work extensively to provide innovative and flexible solutions to our clients. At Nebu we admire in-depth knowledge about the Market Research Industry that inITova represents. It’s impressive how well they understand the client needs, and put a lot of effort into finding a specific solution that cover the demand. This results in high customer satisfaction. And a client satisfaction is equal to our satisfaction. inITova is an excellent business partner for Nebu.“

Eric van Velzen – CEO Nebu

Monitoring and quality control for CATI projects

screenshots-software-nebuKeep track of the project progress with the monitoring interface for supervisors. Control ongoing projects and close them successfully by looking into real-time statistics of call results, by managing quota, organising the dialing process and by retrieving analyses.

  • Real-time project progress in a compact overview
  • Individually configurable parameters and detailed quota management
  • Topline statistics of interim data
  • Automatic E-Mailing including live monitoring
  • Interviewer monitoring and communication
  • Extensive survey sample management options
  • Productivity overview per day/interviewer/campaign
  • Real-time analysis of call results
  • Manage resubmission lists while projects are running
  • Tailored data export for Excel, SPSS, Triple S, ASCII

Get connected to the cloud dialer

Call center and project management

Our project management tool entails all functions that you need to manage a call center efficiently and to maximize productivity. That way you can observe all relevant processes of your telephone studio in real-time and plan your projects efficiently. The software, which was developed for market research, saves you a lot of time which you can invest for example in the training or leading of your interviewers. Recall cost and performance analysis in real-time to keep full control at all times and manage your call center as cost efficient as possible. This tool as well is 100% compatible with Nebu ( and other data collection systems ) and can thus be integrated smoothly.

  • Studio administration e.g. assignment – and capacity management
  • Quality control in accordance with ISO standards
  • Interviewer controlling in real-time
  • Collect and display of interviewer specific information
  • Evaluation & analysis through management
  • Automatic time registration of the interviewers
  • Easy accounting of employees and freelancers with one click