Virtual Call Center

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Virtual call center and predictive dialing

Flexible softdial solutions for inbound and outbound

For CATI projects we offer maximal cost efficiency and unprecedented flexibility with our award-winning virtual call center solutions.
Benefit from using IP telephony and the leading cloud based predictive dialer for your CATI projects.

Virtual Callcenter

Your advantages at a glance

  • Higher contact rate
  • Less nuisance calls
  • Intelligent call routing and blending
  • More call time
  • Standardized business communication
  • Higher flexibility in the cloud system
  • Contact management for all communication channels
  • Reduce ongoing cost dramatically

Full integration

  • Unicom (IBM SPSS Data Collection)
  • Quancept
  • Confirmit
  • Nebu
  • Nipo
  • Survox (CfMC)
  • Askia


The cloud computing innovation 2015

Flexible outsourcing and decentralized working

inITova offers you the combination of Sytel’s Predictive Dialing and a powerful data collection software as independent or hosted solution for your research. For our customer we install a complete virtual call centre i.e. the interviewer downloads a softphone and works from home or in multiple decentral CATI studios. The external interviewer can connect with the dialer with blueSIP instead of using VPN. In combination with the high-end autodialer of Sytel it is even possible to have complete call monitoring and call recording of decentralized working interviewers. Nebu projects can be outsourced flexibly. The dialer can be configured in a way that the number of the MR institute is displayed to the respondent.

BestOf Cloud Computing 2015The virtual call center solution was awarded with the “Best-of 2015” in the category Cloud Computing by Initiative Mittelstand and is on the 2nd place of the user voting.

Find out more about our cooperation with Nebu and the experience of a client, which is based on a case study with IFF International, which Nebu executed with one of the leading CATI field services in Germany.

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“As soon as we heard the news about the Dialer as a Service, we quickly realized that this is just what we need.“

Dietmar Zentner, Managing Director at IFF.

The Predictive Dialer

100% compatible and future-proof

The Predictive Dialer is 100% compatable and can be integrated in the data collection system. Our solution is sustainable and covers all the requirements of the contact center industry e.g. small to mid size business partners up to Fortune 500 companies, which operate in debt collection, sales, telemarketing, customer service/customer support or that produce serveys. Our solution can also assist companies that work in the Inbound and Outbound business or those that integrate internet, e-mail, web-chats, SMS, smartphone-apps and social media, hence it can be applied in all contact areas.


Sytel-CallGemScopes for the contact center solution

  • Market research
  • Telemarketing
  • Fundraising
  • Cashing/claims management
  • Customer service
  • Time-sharing companies
  • Patient management in the health system
  • Infrastructure/utility provider
  • Management of political campaigns

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