Voice of the Customer


Voice of the Customer

The focus is on the Customer Experience

A great product or a good customer service is nothing special anymore. Today, you have to provide a unique customer experience to stay ahead of the competition. Here is where our 3 steps marketing model makes the difference. Become successful in just a few steps.

Advantages & features

The system brings to you, the management, your customers and your employees many advantages


„inITova provides with CFM an intelligent solution to measure customer satisfaction effectively and achieve targeted and sustainable service optimization“ – Handelsblatt


KPI + Root Cause Analysis

Mailing and reports

Enrich your data

Intelligent surveys

The right method

Multiple languages

Link to Social Media

Higher Google Ranking

Intuitive Dashboard

Individual KPIs

Reaction in real-time


Automated secure data systems (SFTP, FTPS), SSL Security certificate, IP protection, extensive passwords and structured rights. Your data is protected using the latest and best practices for data security. We keep your data safe!

Filter endlessly

The dashboard offers a manifold of filter to allow differentiated comparisons. Valuable insights are only one click away. A must-have for all colleges involved in the development of customer orientated strategies in your company.

Flexible setup

Your strategy towards your customers changes. Our flexible solutions change with your strategy and suit your individual goals. You are equipped with a performing and up-to-date working surrounding.

We accompany your team

You are never left alone with CFM customer feedback. Our exports are only an arms length away, our customers know each other and can learn form one another. We train and go along with your team. Together we are strong!









Understand the Customer Journey

What we want is more loyal customers (Promoters) in your database. But how, and when does a customer become a promotor? To be able to understand that we need to put ourselves into the perspective of the customer. Paying attention to the individual steps of the Customer Journey helps to understand at which points you can improve and optimize the customer experience.

Step 1

Measuring the customer experience

Don’t ask what you already know from existing data. We use an innovative system that only asks 4 dynamic questions (more questions can be added). This method creates valuable insights through the integration of additional information. Together we choose a business key figure (KPI) that you want to measure and perform a root-cause-analysis for the critical business area.




Customer surveys with multi-channel-service

Customers contact you via various channels, sometimes even simultaneously. Make sure that your communication coordinated. In our solution the dashboard and the survey run on mobile devices, as well. Combine telephone, SMS, online and mobile surveys flexibly. The date is collected centrally and is provided in real-time.








Step 2

Dive into the data

The individualized dashboard reveals the important information out of the collected data from research, feedback, social media, communities, Big Data and CRM.  Use filter and compare stores, products, services with each other and perform benchmarks. You gain overview quickly and see which areas need improvement.




Make your offer unique

Increase customer feedback

Customer talk about your offers on social media platforms. Focus on a very good customer experience and extend the number of people that you reach. The people talk about your company and their experience. Here, social media play a crucial role. To draw you a picture: Twitter and LinkedIn have more than 250 million visitors per month and Facebook alone accounts for 1.5 billion user per month. The influence and power of the customer growth every day.








Step 3

Take targeted actions that leads to success

Now that you have gained Actionable Insights you know what works best to get loyal customers. You found out what has led to customer loss and why they are unsatisfied. The system distributes automatically alerts by emails, reports and action plans to initiate improvement measures. Use our Case Management System to manage and solve complaints effectively; gratify very loyal customers and include them in your social media marketing strategy.


Feedback does not make a positive experience, it is up to you!

Transforming customer feedback into controlled processes across company walls is the biggest challenge in modern customer experience management.

Align feedback and action with CFM!


Transparent pricing

CFM customer feedback is based on different modules. We offer customized solutions for every budget. Get the right combination with the required functions for your application. The cost are transparent and described clearly. You know what you pay for, you know what you get.









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