Voice of the Employee

Find out what really motivates your employees

Employee feedback

Regularly conducted employee feedbacks combined with a dashboard for optimization during everyday business allows you to gain a strategic overview at all times and provides the basis for dynamic employee coaching.

React quickly to suggestions for improvement, optimize the ergonomics within your business, integrate newcomers effectively and reduce fluctuation. The analysis helps to solve problems and to bring undiscovered potential to the surface – react accordingly with targeted employee motivation and rewards for engagement.


Understand employees better and promote engagement

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Employee Onboarding

Make newcomer integration a success

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Employee exit

Gain important insights from exit interviews

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360° Employee Feedback

Examine leadership skills from all angles

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Advantages of our software for employee feedback

  • Save time and paper with a digital feedback system
  • Cloud based solutions – you only need a web browser
  • Customized online evaluation forms/questionnaires
  • Clear and easy to handle 360° feedback projects
  • Define goals for individual employees or divisions
  • Connect these goals with strategic company goals
  • Automated e-mails for invitations, reminders, sending of reports etc.
  • Real-time reporting: Statistics at a click and tracking of employee performance


emotionaler mitarbeiter

Challenges and difficulties

Feedback collection and analysis is a complex process due to the sensitivity of people. The slightest hint of something negative influences the emotional state of the employee. Often times, managers don’t give enough feedback or express themselves vaguely, particularly when it is important to show specific deficiencies. These challenges have to be addressed in the formulation of questions, selected methods, anonymity/control of information flow and filtering within the questionnaire.

Why is employee feedback important

  • Employee feedback is the basis for personal and professional growth
  • Most employees like to give feedback and even desire it
  • Feedback helps employees to improve in their areas of activity
  • Feedback helps employees to grow, increasing their overall comfort
  • Happy employees engage more in customer service and thereby contribute to the company’s success